- 08.02.2020

Cryptowatch api doc

cryptowatch api docCryptowatch offers a real-time WebSocket API for streaming normalized cryptocurrency market data. The API offers trades, order books, candlesticks, and more. Pull real-time trades and order books quickly and easily from 26 top exchanges for crypto arbitrage, bitcoin trading bots, and more.

Cryptowatch api doc

Cryptowatch contains cryptocurrency charts for most cryptos cryptowatch api doc exchanges. Currently there aren't any private APIs.

Cryptowatch api doc

Some calls take more time than cryptowatch api doc. Every client has allowance of 8 seconds of CPU time per hour.

Cryptowatch api doc

For that we have Cryptowatch api doc class which is updated cryptowatch api doc every call. Class contains previous cost time and remaining time in nanoseconds.

What API offers All types can be called as a single object or as a list.

Cryptowatch api doc

Script automatically cryptowatch api doc JSON string into object. If you call a function which returns litecoin org pool address list of objects you cryptowatch api doc to call a function which returns cryptowatch api doc single object by taking its route from list of objects.

Cryptowatch api doc

Here are some of the classes that this API wrapper contains: Asset An asset can be a crypto or fiat currency. Contains all markets which have this asset as a base or quote. Pair A pair of assets. Each https://idcatalog.ru/address/usdt-address-binding.html has a base and a quote.

cryptowatch api doc

Cryptowatch api doc

For example, btceur has base btc and quote eur. Contains all markets for this pair. Exchange Exchanges are where all the action happens! Contains associated routes.

Cryptowatch api doc

Market A market is a cryptowatch api doc listed on an exchange. Cryptowatch api doc example, pair btceur on exchange kraken is a market.

Cryptowatch api doc price.

Cryptowatch api doc

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