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Antpool mining address

antpool mining addressMining Address. Minimum Payout. Fees. Merged Mining. BTC/BCH. idcatalog.rul.​com idcatalog.ru idcatalog.ru BTC. (default as ). Antpool, one of the largest mining pools in the world supports ten cryptocurrencies and rewards miners daily for their contributed hash power. As of

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Antpool mining address

Therefore, it is prudent for us to understand the importance and antpool mining address value of such cryptocurrencies, and strategize our investments accordingly.

One of the ways to obtain cryptocurrency is via mining. As solo mining is not possible antpool mining address of the computational requirements, pool mining has gained popularity.

Antpool mining address

In this paper, we antpool mining address on Bitcoin and its pools. With more than 20 pools in the network of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it becomes challenging for a new miner antpool mining address decide the pool he antpool mining address join such that the profit is maximized.

Antpool mining address

We use prospect theory to predict the profit that a antpool mining address miner, given his hash rate power and electricity costs, antpool mining address expected to make from each pool. A utility value is calculated for each antpool mining address based on google metamask chrome extension recent performance, hash rate power, total number of antpool mining address pool members, reward read more policy of antpool mining address pool, electricity fee in the new miner's region, pool fee, and the current Bitcoin value.

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Then, based on antpool mining address parameters during a certain time duration, the most profitable pool antpool mining address found for that miner. We show how the utility values from a pool varies with electricity fee and dollar equivalent of a Bitcoin.

Antpool mining address

Using an Antminer 55 for each pool, we mine Bitcoin for 40 consecutive days. Results click here that our antpool mining address theoretic predictions are consistent with what we actually mine; however predictions using expected utility theory are not as close.

Antpool mining address

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