- 29.01.2020

Paypal old account view

paypal old account viewBut the link says that Classic view will only be available for a limited time. PayPal is so stupid! I'm in the process of moving to Stripe, which is delightful. 1 Kudo. How do I view my PayPal transaction history, activity or running balance?

Paypal old account view

The synchronization is done every 4 hours, and you can start reconciling PayPal payments in just a click. Balance bittrex account a new bank account and paypal old account view it PayPal.

In the bank field, you can set PayPal.

Paypal old account view

Once the PayPal account is created, paypal old account view back to the Accounting dashboard and click on the Synchronize button. In the dialog, choose PayPal as the online institution and click on the configure button.

Paypal old account view

Then, you will have to provide your credentials to connect to PayPal. Note Your Paypal must be in English if it is not the case you must change the langage of your Paypal account link if you use paypal old account view Paypal paypal old account view account you must switch back to the old interface in order for it to work with Online feeds you can switch from new to old interface in your Paypal https://idcatalog.ru/account/make-anonymous-paypal-account.html. If you configured your Paypal account correctly you should get to the next step of the Online feeds configuration.

Paypal old account view

There you will have a screen with a date to fetch transaction from and a paypal old account view of account to choose. You must choose the Paypal balance account.

Paypal old account view

Once everything is done, you should see your PayPal transactions right in Odoo and you can start reconciling your payments. Enjoy a full integration! Note You only have to provide your credentials the first time. Once done, Odoo will synchronize with PayPal every 4 hours paypal old account view.

Paypal old account view

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