- 25.01.2020

Bitwala delete account

Here you'll find general information and FAQs related to the Bitwala account. How to close my Bitwala account? Why has my account been closed? Learn more about the Bitwala account.

Can Bitwala wallets be deleted?

I lost my 2FA device. How do I get back into my wallet? October 24, There bitwala delete account a few reasons why you might want to reset, or disable, bitwala delete account authentication 2FAsuch bitwala delete account losing a device more info losing access to your verified email address.

The following steps outline our 2FA reset procedure.

Bitwala wallet

If you want to change your email address, include the new email address in bitwala delete account "New Email" field. Your reset request is now submitted and pending approval.

Bitwala Verifizierung

This process is fully automated and includes bitwala delete account mandatory wait time before being approved. It does not mean your request will be bitwala delete account approved.

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Please note: We're unable to manually speed up the wait time for your request. This form also removes IP restrictions enabled on the wallet. If bitwala delete account intend to use this security feature, be sure to reconfigure IP restrictions once you gain access to your wallet post-reset.

Your verified email security will remain intact.

General Information

You can view the exact scheduled approval date for your 2FA reset request within the notification bitwala delete account. If you did not bitwala delete account a notification email, contact our support team and bitwala delete account your wallet identifier to bitwala delete account your exact reset date.

Please note that imported addresses are not backed up by the recovery phrase and will not be restored.

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