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8 ball pool account delete

8 ball pool account deleteRemove 8ball pool from my Facebook account. Games & Apps. I would like to remove 8 ball pool from Facebook. Asked about 4 years ago by Ronald. Votes. This article is only related to 8 Ball Pool.) Due to security issues, Miniclip will not Reset or Delete flagged or banned accounts. This also applies if you haven't got​.

Unlinking Facebook from 8 Ball Pool

Note: The two most common reasons you'd need to do this are: A if you previously purchased something under a different account and need to restore it following a major event such as reinstalling the game ; or B if the account coming read article when you're trying to make a purchase is not an account you want to use for making purchases e.

Since most such questions currently 8 ball pool account delete restoring purchases in Triple Town, I've written the article to address this particular case.

8 ball pool account delete

If you 8 ball pool account delete to do this for a different game, replace any references to Triple Town with the actions appropriate to your game.

There are two ways to make your device use a different Google account. Unfortunately, one will probably involve temporarily deleting Google accounts off your device you can re-add them afterwards!

Possible problems when you uninstall Free 8 Ball Pool

It is up to you which way you want accept. summoners war account purchase think go.

8 ball pool account delete

The way that probably involves temporarily deleting accounts off your device The general idea is roughly the same in all cases, but since each Android version is a bit different we'll list a few different ways and hopefully one of them is close enough variant paypal account holders refunds reserve you to 8 ball pool account delete along and fill in the blanks.

Android 2. On my particular device, this is done 8 ball pool account delete starting from the Home Screen--where you can see all the little icons for launching various apps--and pressing the device's physical Menu button, then the Settings button that 8 ball pool account delete up onscreen.

8 ball pool account delete

Https://idcatalog.ru/account/spoofing-layering-investopedia.html should see something that says "Manage 8 ball pool account delete.

If it's not already in the list, add the account that you originally used to make the purchase. Re-launch the game and do whatever it was that you were trying to do e.

8 ball pool account delete

Hopefully it works! Then do Step 4. Unfortunately, sometimes Google Play continues to use the wrong account and this is the only way we know of to force it to use a particular account.

8 ball pool account delete

Assuming that things are now working, undo the changes you made in Step 3. Android 4.

8 ball pool account delete

Look for the "Accounts" section and click Google. All of the Google accounts currently on the device are listed.

8 ball pool account delete

If the account you want to use is not listed, go back to the screenshot in Step 2 and click the "Add account" option to add the account. Proceed to the next step when done.

The following steps show you how. 8 ball pool account delete the account that you wish to remove.

How to Delete a Miniclip Account

Click the " Click "Remove account". If a confirmation screen comes up, confirm the decision. Do Step 4 to restore your purchase.

Assuming that things are now working, undo the changes you made in Step 5.

how to 😏 unlink link of 8 ball pool accounts new rules new updates ✔ - shary jutt gamer

The way that involves deleting and reinstalling the game Please make sure that you're 8 ball pool account delete of the consequences of deleting and reinstalling Triple Town.

Go into Android's "Settings" area. Launch the Google Play Store app.

8 ball pool account delete

Click the Play Store icon in the upper left. This should bring up a menu.

8 ball pool account delete

At the top of the menu there should be an account name. To the right of the name there is a caret or triangle. This should list all the Google accounts on your device.

8Bp.Coinscheat.Club 8 Ball Pool Facebook Account Delete

Click the desired account. Since you are installing with the correct account, purchasing with the correct account should theoretically work as well.

8 ball pool account delete

Launch Triple Town and play through the tutorial. Hopefully it works and the purchase is restored! Was this article helpful?

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