- 24.01.2020

Russ albert medlin fbi

russ albert medlin fbiRuss Albert Medlin was arrested at his residence in Jakarta on Monday after police questioned three minors, and he was suspected of sex crimes. Medlin, FBI Fugitive Fraud Rp. 11 Trillion Stumbling Child Prostitution Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) named Russ Albert Medlin.

Russ albert medlin fbi

The identity of the fugitive was revealed after the investigator russ albert medlin fbi his background. The investigators immediately coordinated with the International Relations Division Divhubinter of the Indonesian National Police to communicate with Interpol.

Russ albert medlin fbi

From russ albert medlin fbi results of that coordination, Russ Albert Medlin is a fugitive from the case of bitcoin investment fraud since Meanwhile, his name was recorded as a suspect in a fraud case dated November 10th, He used the deception mode of bitcoin stock investment and operates the Bitclub network," Yusri said.

According to the results of the coordination with Interpol, the total money gained from the fraud reached IDR 11 trillion. Russ albert medlin fbi his rental house, the activities of underage women were often seen.

With this suspicion, the investigator observed the activity in the house.

Russ albert medlin fbi

Russ albert medlin fbi finally, they managed to check click here women who often went in and out click the house.

They were hired by Russ Russ albert medlin fbi Medlin as sex-workers.

Russ albert medlin fbi

During the last three months, he often hired the service of minors. He paid around IDR 2 million per person," said Yusri.

Russ albert medlin fbi

Russ Albert Russ albert medlin fbi is a pedophile according to the investigation. He captured hissex activities with underage women in videos and photos. From the results of coordination with Interpol, Russ Albert Medlin is a recidivist case of child abuse in and In addition, this FBI fugitive always hired russ albert medlin fbi underage women https://idcatalog.ru/2020/bitcoin-currency-2020.html a person with the initial A.

Russ albert medlin fbi

She is currently being searched. There is a possibility that he is a pedophile," said Yusri.

Russ albert medlin fbi

With this case, Russ Albert Medlin russ albert medlin fbi charged russ albert medlin fbi Article 76 of the junto article 81 of law number 35 of concerning changes to law number 23 of concerning child protection. Thus, this FBI fugitive is threatened with a maximum prison term of 15 years.

While waiting for the results of coordination with the FBI related to extradition.

Russ albert medlin fbi

Extradition is the process russ albert medlin fbi a suspect being detained by another country, which is then handed over to the suspect's home country for trial according to the agreement concerned.

We coordinate, russ albert medlin fbi we will continue the process of legal in Indonesia for suspected child sex crimes," said Roma.

Russ albert medlin fbi

In addition, Russ Albert Meddin was always using a tourist visa and a different passport number every time he came to Indonesia. We will later check the passport numbers he used during his escape as a fugitive," said Roma.

Russ albert medlin fbi

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