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Mining software repositories 2020

mining software repositories 2020Event, When, Where, Deadline. MSR , Mining Software Repositories. May 25, - May 26, , Seoul, South Korea, Jan 16, (Jan 9, ). MSR ' 17th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories, Seoul, Republic of Korea, June, ACM , ISBN

A repository contains both source files and other files like configuration files. Developers mining software repositories 2020 most of the time changing source files for many mining software repositories 2020, for example, fixing bugs, extending them with new features or refactoring.

Mining software repositories 2020

Your first task is to adapt the script to collect only the source files. First browse though mining software repositories 2020 source files of each of the repo mining software repositories 2020 identify the kind of source files it contains some repos could be written in more than one programming language.

Mining software repositories 2020

Each athour should have a distinct color. Looking at the scatter plot one mining software repositories 2020 be able to tell a file that is touched many times and by who?

Mining software repositories 2020

This can help, for example, when identifying refactoring oppotunities, which developer should be allocated the confirm. legit cloud mining 2020 keep since they have touched a file many times.

Mining software repositories 2020

Since the files in some repos can be very many, you can create a scatterplot for the top 50 files with mining software repositories 2020 touches. It would mining software repositories 2020 be wise to code the files since they have very long names making the plot look very funny.

The SmartSHARK Ecosystem for Software Repository Mining

You could for example use f1, mining software repositories 2020, f You get a hint mining software repositories 2020 how draw the scatter plot this link Stackoverflow Hypothetical example Let say a repo has six source files mining software repositories 2020, file2, file3, file4, file5, and file6.

It has three authors red, blue and green.

Mining software repositories 2020

The authors have been updating https://idcatalog.ru/2020/utorrent-mining-2020.html files and commiting their changes. This scatterplot shows the authors activities over mining software repositories 2020.

Task 3 Optional Write a script that will extract the merged pull requests and the closed and not merged pull mining software repositories 2020 from each of the repositories above.

Mining software repositories 2020

You can read about the structure of mining software repositories 2020 pull requests from here Pull Reuests.

Draw one graph containing all the five repos above which compares merged pull mining software repositories 2020 and closed but not marged merged. All rights reserved.

Mining software repositories 2020

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