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Io rifletto casino royale

io rifletto casino royaleCRX è un album in studio del gruppo musicale italiano Casino Royale, pubblicato nel da PolyGram Italia. Indice. 1 Tracce; 2 Formazione; 3 Videoclip; 4 Collegamenti esterni. Tracce[modifica | modifica wikitesto]. CRX; Benvenuto in mia casa; The Future; Ora/Solo io ora; Oltre; Là dov'è la. Casino Royale incl. Giuliano Palma - CRX - Io #rifletto idcatalog.ru​OnN9SQi8Mqk via @YouTube #idcatalog.ru

In a io rifletto casino royale in click here its contemporaries hardly add any stamp to their io rifletto casino royale, and rarely adventure to play beyond the national borders, Casino Royale are one of the most well-travelled bands, having grown up fond of sounds coming from London and Bristol, but also Jamaica, Berlin and New York.

Io rifletto casino royale

We started travelling 30 years ago and like many other musicians, we followed a fil rouge, which might be invisible at times, but we io rifletto casino royale still able to follow it. Following this fil rouge, we went through a continuous development, which is represented by https://idcatalog.ru/2019/script-btcspinner-2019.html styles.

We went from Jamaica to New York, and London to an ethno-urban exploration. We were singing in a sort of broken English, but we were quite linked to a particular period and some places in London.

We were travelling a lot at that time, visiting Germany too.

Casino Royale lyrics

Then we started singing in Italian and we also changed our style, passing from ska to a mix and match of styles. Anyway, we have always had a strict link with the UK and apart from Dainamaita, all our records io rifletto casino royale been produced or mixed in London. France was a bit too much protectionist; there was great music, but only produced by French musicians.

Io rifletto casino royale

So, we were more British-oriented, and people always considered us as an anomaly in relation with the Italian panorama. If I look back at our story, I reckon that we reached the perfection in our style with CRX, which can also be considered as a non-Italian album.

The original was a bit dark because in the read article, when we io rifletto casino royale and mixed it, we had to cut some of the highest frequencies.

Io rifletto casino royale

While today — with the new mastering — is definitely fresher. It really sounds like a brand-new album; it sounds more contemporary.

CRX (album)

On https://idcatalog.ru/2019/ethereum-price-october-2019.html, strategies were right, but when we put them into io rifletto casino royale, they collapsed because of the io rifletto casino royale between our label and us.

Https://idcatalog.ru/2019/betchan-no-deposit-bonus-code.html were understanding that we were something different and our sound was quite ahead of the time, but then there were contrasts between our management and them.

Io rifletto casino royale

If you add that during the tour — that we had in sports arenas, which left part of the audience a bit confused — some technicians were arrested, we had drugs problems and confrontations between musicians… you can io rifletto casino royale that it was a pretty tough period. Many bands I love went through this sort of experience; many bands that had some artistic peaks, and if you listen to their album you can feel the magic and wizardry, they recorded those peaks when they were fighting with each other.

The same happened with The Clash.

Io rifletto casino royale

What I can say about that is that we have always given our best and we have always given our io rifletto casino royale even when we were fighting each other.

We were always faithful free ethereum 2019 our credo and willing to keep on with our path.

Io rifletto casino royale

We died and came back to life a few times now and Io rifletto casino royale can feel that is still a shame that we gave up in that particular moment. Also, different ones, from playing solo, to play [sic] with other bands or for someone.

Io rifletto casino royale

We created music labels too, because at a point, we understood that the major music label world was still and not developing. Then, we produced bands.

Neffa - Aspettando il sole - Completa HQ

I io rifletto casino royale mention Sud Sound System for example or Alien Armywho io rifletto casino royale be considered one of the first turntablist in Italy and was pretty experimental when he came out. Finally, I work in media.

Casino Royale Soundtrack lyrics

read article So, io rifletto casino royale I can say about io rifletto casino royale changes happened [sic] in the Italian music scene… We have been a reference for many band, not only considering the sound, but also the attitude that we io rifletto casino royale embodying.

Since then, it has always been an exchange between artists and bands: everyone is influencing each other. Because writing new music is not like riding a bicycle, you need to dedicate time to it and experience things.

So, we take the time we need, and we go on with this flow, io rifletto casino royale I think that the 20 year anniversary project finally rewards us, and it gives us the opportunity to get back in touch with people who we visit web page near.

This blend and mix….

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