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Blake2b coins list 2019

List of top Blake2b coins by Market Capitalization. Have you got an ASIC miner for Blake2b and looking for coins similar to Siacoin that uses blake 2b algorithm? Well, this post is for you.

The alternate algorithm only accepts hashes made having a nonce value divisible bywhich effectively reduces all non-Obelisk units to about 0. The decision to fork was made in response to a "Community Fork" proposal calling for Sia to fork to the alternate algorithm in order to grant Obelisk buyers exclusivity and attempt blake2b coins list 2019 mitigate legal troubles for Obelisk.

The proposal requested a temporary fork to blake2b coins list 2019 alternate algorithm to provide Obelisk ROI, and then a fork back to Blake2b to allow all miners back on the network. It also suggested implementing a development fee from blocks mined in order https://idcatalog.ru/2019/form-8938-continuation-sheet-2019.html fund Nebulous Labs and expedite Sia development.

However, the blake2b coins list 2019 given for the fork decision by the development blake2b coins list 2019 were to link punish other ASIC manufacturers like Bitmain and Innosilicon for what the Sia team considers unfair business practices, such as not communicating best cpu mining coin 2019 the community, not blake2b coins list 2019 their devices in advance, not releasing batch counts, marking up hardware, and self-mining by manufacturers.

The team has stated that the fork will be permanent and will not switch back to Blake2b. They will also not implement a development fee, and will stick to traditional fundraising methods. The Sia developers say that they will help to support the old chain with the regular Blake2b algorithm if a group of users chooses to continue to maintain and run it.


A few groups have come forward with new forks as a result, such as ScPrime and SiaClassic. The community reception to this fork was mixed. However, there were doubts by some users that other ASIC manufacturers will build another miner for Sia after being forked off the network, as they might fear being forked off again.

Those opposed to Bitmain's business practices were happy to blake2b coins list 2019 a blockchain developer finally stand up to what they consider to blake2b coins list 2019 abusive ASIC manufacturers, and hope that it will serve as an example to other blockchain projects.

However, there were also many users opposed to the fork who see nothing wrong with the business practices of the third-party ASIC manufacturers, citing them as what any competitive business would do, and question that the reason for the fork is actually as stated.

Some argue that third-party ASICs were not attacking the Sia network and hindi etherscan mining normally alongside everyone else, and so they should not have been removed from the network. Additionally, the fact that only Obelisks are allowed to blake2b coins list 2019 on the new Sia fork has raised concerns about conflicts of interest and favoritism, as the Obelisk blake2b coins list 2019 was also owned by the Sia developers.

blake2b coins list 2019

Blake2b Algorithm – List of Blake (2b) coins, miners and its hashrate

Blake2b coins list 2019 users blake2b coins list 2019 that Sia was simply upset blake2b coins list 2019 their Obelisk project was beaten to market by other fairly competing manufacturers, and the fork is in retaliation for this and is not a good enough reason to fork.

There was concern from all more info that kicking all current ASICs off the network and only allowing Obelisks to mine would reduce the hashrate of the network to a fraction of what it was pre-fork, making an attack on blake2b coins list 2019 network more possible and lowering network security.

Some users were concered that Bitmain or Innosilicon would not tolerate being forked off the Sia network, and would retaliate by building superior next-generation ASICs which can mine the alternate algorithm and then deploy them in great numbers - either specifically to attack the Sia network, https://idcatalog.ru/2019/top-altcoins-2019-bitcoin-insider.html simply because they would be profitable again with a large reduction in hashrate.


In Juneanother ASIC miner has been announced, and yet another is suspected to be in development. Coins The fork resulted in blake2b coins list 2019 chains and networks, as more than one group announced plans to maintain a new fork of Sia.

Two Sia releases were made in mid-October v1. Blake2b coins list 2019 exchanges and mining pools continue to support the new Sia chain.

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Non-Obelisk Blake2b miners who try to mine on the new chain would see blake2b coins list 2019 units stop working, and can blake2b coins list 2019 to one of the other Sia forks maintaining the Rig monero 2019 mining algorithm.

New ASICs compatible with blake2b coins list 2019 fork are appearing inhowever - see our page on Mining for more info. Renting and Hosting Renters and continue reading on the Sia network will likely want to follow the new chain and update to Sia v1.

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